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by Oct 17, 2020

For a second you may think that how this is business. For some of you who do not know, let me tell you one thing, this platform is one of the most popular among options to make money online.

We focus on offering values to the readers so that they can move forward to a financial stability. In this process we shake hands with different companies to bring the best to you guys. Following that, we may get a commission if you make any purchase using our referral links.

. YouTube is a video sharing platform. People upload different kinds of videos to get views. The more views a video gets, the more money it makes. Yes, you read it right. YouTube lets you monetize your videos so that when ads run before or between your videos, you can make some money from that.

Points to Consider Before Starting a YouTube Channel

Since we call it an online business, there is an initial preparation we need to ensure before creating the channel. Let me take you through this 8 steps guide.

  1. Define a Goal for Your Channel and Create Content Around It
  2. Create a Catchy Channel
  3. Focus on Your Niche
  4. Follow SEO
  5. Ensure Consistency
  6. Present Like a Pro
  7. Get a Website
  8. Analytics – Learn and Follow                 

01.Define a Goal for Your Channel and Create Content Around It

This is the very first decision you need to make. When the idea to create a YouTube channel strike your head, it must have some background behind it. For example, you just saw a video and you are so impressed with it that you decided to try YouTube. Something like that happens to everyone. This is called goal-setting. Maybe you want to be famous someone like in that video. Maybe you want to share your knowledge with the world on YouTube.

So decide what you want first, Where you would like to see yourself in the next 2 years. Now when you have this goal to hit, start developing content around it. This will help you to stay focused. Map your goal vs efforts put to achieve it, regularly.

2. Create a Catchy Channel

It is like welcoming someone who visits you home. You need to design your channel art and update information in such a way that visitors would have a clear idea of what the channel is all about.

A similar case is with the information you share on your channel in the “About Section”. Put a clear and easy to understand description o your channel. Do not copy others. Just be yourself create your own path to success.

3. Focus on Your Niche

This one is a very critical point to note. Do not publish videos out of your niche. If you just follow your niche and post content related to the same, this will help you in long run. After some time, the YouTube audience will start noticing you and you will see your subscriber base is increasing at a faster pace.

Try to explore some famous channels across YouTube. You will notice that these content creators follow a pattern concerning content. This is something you strictly need to follow.

4. Follow SEO

You cannot ignore SEO in digital space. You post awesome videos but not getting views, then you must be missing on SEO. Proper use of SEO will help you to be found by the users. This is how you will get more views.

SEO and keywords go hand in hand. So better understand keywords and use them accurately so that more people can reach you and you can earn maximum from the views.

5. Ensure Consistency

How would you feel if the next episode of a new season of your favorite webs series is not telecasted without any information?

Similary, on YouTube your followers would wait for your next video. And if you fail to maintain that consistency, as per a psychological fact, people will abandon you and your channel. This is continuity is a must.

6. Present Like a Pro

I know you are new to YouTube and must be a little nervous about it. But, please note that you are creating a brand image here. Your face or your voice whatever the audience is getting is your soul image.

And, your channel will be defined with that only. So be presentable and put all your energy to showcase your talent. Let the audience feel that you may be new but you know your niche very well. Let them trust your knowledge.

7.Get a Website

A website is more like a resume for influencers. So have one please. If you cannot develop on your own, hire a specialist. But get it done for sure.

Now create your profile there. Neat and professional. This will help you gain more exposure, concerned with the brand partnership.

On YouTube, you can just upload your videos. A lot depends on YouTube’s algorithm that keeps on updating from time to time. But if you have a website, You will own it. You can generate more revenue from videos posted on the website.

8. Analytics – Learn and Improve

There is a complete dashboard available on YouTube to give you insight into the performance of your videos. This will also help you find your target audience. Who saw your videos, which country they are from, why one video is doing better while another video is struggling. When you understand this tool, you will understand audience behavior as well. Whenever needed, change approach to create content that has more demand. Analytics offer great help if you want to build your presence.

Getting Started With YouTube

To start a YouTube channel you will need

  • A google account (Gmail)
  • A PC with an internet connection
  • Video editing SW with working knowledge
  • A video recording device (smartphone, digital camera, camcorder) with good clarity

Create a YouTube Account

You can use your existing Gmail id to create a YouTube channel or you can create a brand new email account just for the channel. For example, you want to name your channel “Killer Gamer”; you can create a similar Gmail id so that your business and personal profiles do not mix up.

To create a YouTube channel, simply login to YouTube and click on “create channel”. Further options will ask you to update the name of your channel, profile picture, and cover picture.

Video Uploading Strategy

As I said, YouTube is a video sharing platform. So the content here is in the form of videos. You have to choose what kind of videos you would like to make. However, before that, you need to understand how a video can make money on YouTube.  Product reviews, tutorials, vlogging, dance videos, short movies, comedy videos, all these are very popular. Choose your niche wisely. The next important part is consistency. You have to plan the frequency to upload videos, if you will upload daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. You can shoot 3-4 videos in one go and schedule the uploading as well. But here you viewers should know that every day or week there will be a new video on your channel.

Earning from YouTube

There are multiple ways to make money on YouTube.

AdSense is a product from Google. It offers you to monetize your videos. Once AdSense is approved for your YouTube channel, YouTube will start rolling ads on your videos. Google charges companies to advertise their product basis CPM – cost per mile. A share from this is going to the content creator.

Sponsored Content is another popular method of making money on YouTube. You can collaborate with brands to promote their products. In return, they will pay you. Be careful with this option though. Every product you are going to endorse should be genuine or else you may lose the viewer’s trust.

Your Own Products or Services can also be another way to generate more money on YouTube. For example, you are a WordPress website designer and offer web-designing services. Then you can upload tutorial videos and offer your web designing service.

Affiliate Links can also help to generate a very good income. Here you have to put affiliate links along with the videos and both should relate. For example, you can share reviews of a new sound system or a TV, phone, or any other product. If your viewers want, they can purchase the product from your affiliate link you will get a commission from that.

How to Grow Your Community and Subscriber Base

There are a couple of ways you can grow your community.

  • Connect your social media account with YouTube to gain maximum followers.
  • For each new video, across all social platforms, let your followers know about it.
  • You can also start a blog to involve people from different interests.
  • Go live, like a Q & A sessions. Answer questions from followers and put a like on their comments.

So now you know almost every important thing you need to know before running a YouTube channel. Please note that success cannot be gained overnight. To monetize your channel you need 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time in the past one year. So be consistent and keep checking your progress in the analytics option where you can see in-depth performance of your content and adapt to the changes accordingly.

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