What is Professional Blogging

by Oct 17, 2020

I assume you know what blogging is. If you are newcomer, let me help you. The article you are reading is called a blog. Blogging is a hobby for some but it also helps them to make some extra income. People around the world make a lot of money from blogging. 

What is Professional Blogging?

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We focus on offering values to the readers so that they can move forward to a financial stability. In this process we shake hands with different companies to bring the best to you guys. Following that, we may get a commission if you make any purchase using our referral links.

In simple words, if I am making money from a blog, that will be considered as a professional blog. There are several different ways to make money from blogging.

  • Affiliate marketing based earning
  • Display ads
  • AdSense
  • Sell e-courses and eBooks
  • Sell your products or services
  • Coaching
  • Promoted contents from brands

You will find more and more ways to make more bucks once you are fully involved in it. This also helps you to connect with countless readers around the globe and once the relationship is established between you and your readers, you feel no less than a celebrity.

How to Start Professional Blogging

You can Google it and you will find thousands of pages carrying different information for the very same topic. Here we make it easy for you. This post will help you to create a profitable blog in just 7 easy steps.

We are not covering that part about choosing a domain and hosting plan and will straight jump to the most concerning points about the subject. 

1. Chose a Niche

When you enter in digital space and start looking for making money online, this is the most highlighted word you will ever come across. The Niche is a focused segment; you will generate your content around it only.

You simply cannot achieve without finalizing a niche. To help you understand it, let me give you an example.

For men’s shoes, there are different options. Leather shoes, sports shoes, sneakers, casual shoes, etc. Here if you pick either of them, let’s say sneakers, thensneakers will be your niche and you are to define your strategy around it only.  

Why Niche

When we talk about a particular thing only, it makes more impact. There are so many news channels available. But when it comes to business news there will be only a few of them and you will tune either of these channels. That is the power of Niche. It generates attention.

I would say blogging is not hard but it requires consistency and time. You need to create quality content for the readers so that they can come back to read your next article. Here is the list of steps you can follow to get a hold on your content.

  • Choose your niche based on your interest or expertise
  • Read other blogs about it to understand how different bloggers have narrated the topic
  • Try to make notes from it
  • Note down the keywords
  • Try to adopt a pattern for your blogs to follow
  • Research keyword you want to use
  • Finalize two to three keywords for each blog post
  • Write down the first draft and then revise
  • Please ensure on length. Google loves longer posts
  • On average, you can start with 2K words per blog

2. Start Creating Content

Now you are done with your niche. Let us forward to content creation. Before that, you need to understand something very important. Tell me why you google things on the internet? I do it to seek answers for the queries I come across and I am 100% sure that everyone does that only.

We google something and open certain links on a search engine page. If a particular link or URL fails to fulfill our requirement, we close it and click on the other one. That is how it works. If you are not able to offer a solution to the reader’s queries, people will not buy your content. The audience will just move to a different blog.

Now you know the fact, create your content keeping in mind that it should answer the queries people raise on google. And that is how you can generate quality content that will bring you your first 10, then 100, and then 1000 dollars.

3. Target Your Favorite Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms drive a huge amount of traffic to blog posts. This can be both, organic or paid. You just need the right strategy. But there are so many great platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora, Reddit, and many more to count. We just cannot hit on each of them at the same time.

The pro bloggers here advise you to start with one social media account and master it as you own it. Once you are successful there, move on to the other platform. 

It is not like that you will not open an account on other social medial platforms except one. Sure you can and you should and keep sharing your blog posts there to gain more traffic. The point to mention here is, if you understand and create a hold on one social platform, it will be easy for you to divert the traffic to your website.

Each of the platforms works differently so you will have to handle them differently. How you can reach the maximum audience, how you can turn this free traffic to your blog post, your advertising strategy for the blogs that can make you more money in comparison to others.  

Your first objective should be how you can generate organic traffic because it is free. When you put all your energy on a single platform, you are more in control and you will end up gaining better results. Once the battle is won, move to the other battlefield, i.e. the other social platform.

Here you will gain another advantage. Later you can advertise yourself as a social media manager because you exactly know how to divert the traffic to a particular post.

4. Create an Email List

You visit different stores to buy a shirt but you do not buy from everywhere. Similarly, for a store, not every visitor is a customer. This also works for online businesses. There can be as many hits on your post but not everyone is reading them from start to end. Not everyone is clicking those affiliate links or google ads.

Here comes the importance of an email list. When someone visits your website, ask them to join your mailing list. If readers like your content, they will join the list. Those who join, are your potential customers, and going to make you a few bucks in the future.

Email lists are generated for a purpose. You also must be receiving a lot of emails where you opted willingly. These emails not only carry information about the new posts or products or promotions only but also reminding readers about your existence. Out of curiosity, the reader will click the link to check out what’s new. The larger your email lists get, the more readers become potential customers. So, learn about it.

You can use advertising, landing pages to lure readers and submit their email ids so that later you can shoot your promotional emails, to make more money from your blogs.

5. Monetize

Here comes the money-making part at number 5 in the table. But hey, wait. Let me tell you something. You need to think about the monetizing strategy right from the beginning only and need to create content keeping that in mind. Here at this stage, we will put that strategy into action.

A blogger can make money in many different ways. Here are a few of them.

  • Affiliate Links (hidden in blog text)
  • Affiliate Banners
  • Google AdSense
  • Display Ads (other than Google AdSense)
  • eBooks or eCourses
  • Your own products or services
  • Coaching
  • Promoted Content from other Brand

For Google Adsense, I personally do not like it because it makes a website look ugly. But a lot of people use it and with no doubt, it is fruitful. You can choose as many options as you want to monetize your content.

If you are going for affiliate marketing, choose all kinds of products. I mean products of different price values.

Low priced products are easy to convert, use them more often. For the higher value products, please ensure to decorate the content to match the level of the product pricing.

6. Bring Traffic to Your Blog

This is probably the hardest part. How would people know if you even exist there?

In the above-mentioned steps, there were two specific to this purpose only. Creating an email list and targeting a social medial platform. Social media platforms will help to drive traffic to your content or landing page.

A landing page is where you make an offer to the reader, and the reader, if likes it, will submit the email id. So you better learn about the importance of landing pages. Try to click on an ad on Instagram or Facebook, it might take you to a landing page. Landing pages are considered very much valuable to generate sales in the long run.

Make sure you send regular updates to the readers who opted for your newsletter. This will help you to gain regular site visits and potential customers. You can also go for paid traffic, that is with the help of advertising.

7. It is Time to Make Few More Bucks

Content is ready, your email lists are ready, your social media account is ready, now it is time to make some money. Let me tell you how it works.

First, we create around 25 blog posts and from these numbers, 4-5 will be carrying your affiliate links or any other promotional method to make money for you. You need to focus on those posts. If you are planning to run an ad, chose those posts.

Try to create a different set of ads for different posts. This will help you which of the ad is working better and where you need to change your advertising strategy. For organic traffic, please ensure to share other posts and make sure to share the links of your high potential blogs in them.

One thing to remember, I mentioned 4 to 5 converting posts, but that does not mean you will not put attention to the other posts. Other posts need equal attention. If you are routing traffic to any such post, and if the content is real good, for sure a reader to surf the website for more interesting content. So take note of that.

Choose a Domain and Hosting Plan

This will not cost you much. Web hosting plans start from as low as 0.99 per month. Thanks to the competition. You can go for yearly plans. In most cases, there will be 1 year, 2 years, and 4 years of plans. If you go with the 4 years plan, you will save more. Please note that domain charges are payable every year. Some of the service providers are listed below with competitive pricing. You can follow the links to check the pricing.

Design Your Website and Start Posting

If you have time, you can create your WordPress website all by yourself. Else, you can seek help from a professional website developer. Make sure your content is worth getting the attention of the reader. Make sure to work on the following points before publishing your work

  • Learn more and more about your niche
  • Prepare a list of the initial blogs
  • Include keywords in your content
  • Learn about SEO – on-page SEO and off-page SEO

Personal advice, do not focus on monetizing your content right from the start. Rather, take it slow. Once you published your articles, keep updating them at short intervals so that google bots regularly crawl your website. Let google trust your website first. Then after 3~4 months, you will see the traffic increasing on your website. And, most of this will be organic traffic.  Then you can start using affiliate links, display ads.

Most Important Point for Bloggers Keep updating your blogs regularly. It is like serving food to the google crawlers. If these crawlers keep on finding new content on your posts, your page ranking will improve continuously. If you post a long enough blog post with well-researched content and do not update it regularly, you will notice in time that the traffic on that post is decreasing after some time. So it mandatory to update your posts with new content on a timely basis, and your website with new posts.


Generating content that makes money is not easy at all. It takes practice, experience, and time. Blogging is an ever-changing business. So you have to keep learning. Once the blogs start making money, that is not the end, that is the start and then you climb the next ladder in the series.

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