Popular Social Media Sites to Make Money Online in 2021

by Feb 28, 2021

Whenever people come to know about making money online, the very first question is how do we do it and the name of the platforms where we can earn. Today, in this article I will share the list of social platforms where you can make money online.

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Before that, let’s check out the most popular social media sites.

1. Facebook

2. Instagram

3. YouTube

4. Pinterest

5. Twitter

6. LinkedIn

7. Quora

8. Snapchat

One of the most shout out for the use of these platforms is for affiliate marketing. However, these social sites can help you more than that. Let me explain it to you guys.

1. Facebook

Facebook is more than a social platform today. Used by millions of people, it lures content creators and businesses, as there is a mass audience to connect with. Influencers, different businesses, make so many efforts to connect and engage the audience so that their presence can grow.

Ways to Make Money on YouTube

  • Promote Affiliate Products
  • Pitch e-Courses
  • Traffic to your website or blog
  • Opportunity to grow as an influencer
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Create and sell Facebook content
  • With Facebook Ads
  • Join Facebook groups and promote your work

This is a good long list no?  Facebook offers unmatched opportunities to make money online. You can share your affiliate links, you can pitch and sell e-courses, then there is a mind-blogging massive user-base that can be routed to your website or blog.

Facebook ads are one of the best ways to make money. You can offer these services to small businesses or influencers to reach more and more people to make reach more sales. I have another post here that describes the ways to make money on Facebook in detail.


Instagram works differently. You cannot share long posts or links to your websites. Here we can share pictures and videos. Then, how is it possible to money from Instagram, a tricky question? No. Here is how you can make money on Instagram.

  • Sponsored Posts for brands less known
  • Affiliate products
  • Create and sell a digital product
  • Sell your photos

There is no option on Instagram for direct selling. Either you can create a store to list products but to make a purchase, the user has to visit the website. Alternatively, you can leave the sales page or website link in the bio of your profile.  

Instagram has 1082 Million active users (as per the data source on Feb 22, 2021). However, the user-base that will affect your earnings (in a good manner) is low.

Like other platforms, stick to the niche here on Insta as well. Creating random stuff will not help you at all.


Who does not know YouTube? Millions of people are creating content and making their livelihood from YouTube only. You can be one of them. There are different ways people use to make money on YouTube.

Create and upload videos for a specific niche like tech reviews, movies related, political talk, general knowledge, dance videos, singing, different tutorials, health and fitness tips, beauty products related tips, cooking recipes, you name anything, everything is available on YouTube.

You will be paid for the views on your videos. It is because of the advertisement. Google earns from the advertisement and it shares a percentage with the content creators. You can make money with your videos too. Here are few examples.

  • Make money by simply monetizing your videos
  • Create sponsored contents
  • Affiliate marketing (one of the biggest source of passive income)
  • Product Reviews (sponsored, affiliate)
  • Sell advance tutorials or e-courses

YouTube has doubled the frequency of ads before starting a video. So I guess the chances of income are also doubled. If you can create any such content, you should definitely try YouTube. To help you get starting with YouTube, here is my dedicated post for “YouTube 101”.


Don’t get surprised if I say that Pinterest is not a social media site.  In fact, it is a search engine where people look for user-created content that can help them with their queries. For example, you search on Pinterest “make money online”. You get many pins answering your queries. Similarly, you can create pins and make money from this site.

Ways to make money on Pinterest –

  • Monetize your blog and drive traffic to the blog post with the help of Pinterest
  • Drive traffic to the affiliate products
  • Drive traffic to your digital products

In an order to make money on Pinterest, you would need some creative skills. Catchy headings with stunning designs that is how pins get a response from readers. I advise you to sharpen these skills before trying hands-on Pinterest.


Each social media platform offers several opportunities to make money online. We just have to understand how each of these works and then starts hitting that spot where we can make money. I advise learning first. If you just go looking for making money, you will end up in disappointment. First, grab the initial knowledge and then move towards making money.

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R. Kaushik

R. Kaushik

Founder | Fewmorebucks.com

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