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by May 22, 2021

Blogging has become the key and deciding factor for a strong digital presence for businesses. Just like the business strategies, blogging is also changing from time to time. A blogger would need to adapt to these changes and should incorporate them in their posts as well.

Today I will discuss those changes that are going to thrive in 2021-22. I have checked many posts to find out what trends or changes famous bloggers are implementing in their posts and filtered out the very beneficial changes for readers.

We focus on offering values to the readers so that they can move forward to a financial stability. In this process we shake hands with different companies to bring the best to you guys. Following that, we may get a commission if you make any purchase using our referral links.

Enhanced Reading Experience

Nowadays readers wish for a great reading experience. In other words, it is pure reading with informative images. So if you are planning to load your website with multiple ad forms, you need to think again.

Imagine those full-screen unwanted ads that irritated you last time while visiting a website. And full-size display ads, where a reader has to make efforts to extract information from your blogs. These are not recommended at all.

Use banner ads of decent size, and try to avoid featuring them in every corner of your website. This is especially when you opt for Google AdSense.

Check out the right corner in this image.

You see Vignette ads and Widescreen ads. I would recommend avoiding these ads. This can be proved instant turn off for a reader and most likely he will skip your website and will move to the next search result.

This increases the bounce rate.

So what you will take from this?

Do not overcrowd your site with unnecessary ad formats. Let the users get the value from your content. They are not there to see the ads. Readers are there to find solutions to their queries.

2. More Visual Content

You write great content. Each of your posts offers insightful information to the readers. But, if there is just the text you use to form a blog it might not help.

Make it more appealing with the help of infographics, images, videos, and graphs. You can use any form of media but it has to be relevant to the content.

Infographics offer more information to the reader with reading the complete text. Use them.

Not everyone is a fan of reading. Such users would quickly jump to the image section of your post to extract any information if possible. And that is why I recommend using infographics and images so that this community does not skip your site next time.

Next is adding a video in a blog post. More and more bloggers are putting video links in their posts. It is just like offering two options to the audience, if you do not want to read, watch my video.

A video can add more value, especially in tutorials. For example, if you blog about building a website, then creating tutorial videos along with your blog post will be added advantage as we do like to watch a tutorial rather than read it.

If given a choice, 72% of people would watch a video instead of reading text. (

Check out this image from He is Dale and he has embedded his YouTube videos in his post. This gives readers the option to choose how they want information.

3.  Mobile Responsive Posts

Mobile has become a way of life. It will not be wrong if I say that mobile phones are handling our lives.

But what does a mobile phone has to do with blogging?

Check out these facts first.

(Source – Hubspot and Statista 2021)

  • Over half of the world’s web traffic comes from mobile (tablets excluded)
  • Over 39% of smartphone owners search for an online shop option to make a purchase
  • 60% of smartphone users tried to contact the businesses directly with a call to action or call now options
  • Over 25% of the companies invest in mobile  SEO due to the traffic volume

What do you think now?  If the mobile platform is accountable for half of the world’s web traffic, then it cannot be neglected at all. In fact, you should focus on this more.

Ask your web developer, to build a responsive website that looks good and easy to navigate on all three screen formats, i.e. desktop, tablet, and mobile phone. How, not having a mobile responsive website will affect its performance? Check these images to understand.

You will notice an oddly designed text column in the left section here and this is exactly the same as how this will look on a mobile phone.

I know you don’t like it and that is why you need to design your website and blog mobile responsive so that the post layout changes automatically according to the screen size. Now check the right section of the image. It is more readable.

If you are considering designing a mobile responsive website then you are directly opening doors to half of the total internet traffic. And do remember that over 25% of the companies do invest in a mobile responsive website. So you need to adapt to this trend to stay in the race.

4. Estimated Reading Time and Post Length

This trend is really on fire and you can see bloggers discussing it frequently. Most of the bloggers would suggest using 2000 plus words for a post as it takes seven to eight minutes to read it which is considered an ideal time to read a post.

But that does not mean you need to stick to that. The length mentioned is for the higher side of the words.

What is more important here is to mention estimated read time. It lets a user know how much time it is going to take to read the complete post without scrolling from top to bottom.

This trend helps in user engagement.

Suppose you have posted a small piece of content with a reading time of two-three minutes, a visitor might just jump into it as two minutes can be spared just like that.

Whereas, the same reader would skip the post for some other time that would require ten or more minutes to finish.

How to calculate average reading time?

The average reading speed for a normal person is 200 ~ 250 words per minute. Now with this information, you can easily calculate estimated reading time.

There are a couple of online tools are also available. If you have a WordPress website, then you can easily find plugins for this, or else you can use Read-O-Meter.

5. More Use of Affiliate Links

In the U.S, out of all affiliate commissions, over 40% goes to bloggers only (Neil Patel).

That means affiliate link usage is at an all-time high at this moment. Bloggers embed these links in such a manner that the conversion rate gets higher and that makes it one of the most sizzling blogging trends.

So this trend is there to serve the ultimate purpose, that is making money.

If you mention any product or service by a third party in the post, check if that business offers any affiliate program. This is going to help both of the parties.

For business, it will get exposed to a new audience(your followers) and for you, you will get to earn from the same content just by adding affiliate links.

Points to Note While Opting for Affiliate Partner Program

Products and services you promote will affect your audience directly so you need to choose high-quality products only.

Please note that you have an image to maintain. There may be affiliate programs that offer very high commissions but you have to ensure about the offering towards the end customer. Do not get lured with easy money programs and lose your credibility.


Blogging is always changing. In fact, you can also introduce any such changes that the world might follow if it is worth adapting. For that, one has to keep on learning and experimenting with a new idea.

What I mentioned are the top 5 trends happening in the blogging world. Try adopting these trends and monitor the analytics how it affects your blogs.

There are other points as well that can be added here. Too Long: Didn’t Read (known as TL: DR, Neil Patel) that advice to highlights from each section so that the readers can get the insight of the post without reading it all. Bullet points will offer the value here.

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