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Welcome Boss! I am a regular guy who want to make presence in digital world by offering quality web designing and branding services.


R. Kaushik

Its been around three years since I started to work on the concept of digital marketing. Blogging, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Social Media Management, Advance SEO, I have tried my hands on all these gigs.

But the idea was always there to offer branding services to small businesses, freelancers, and influencers. And, it starts right with website creation because if you want to bring your business online, then this is the first milestone.

I did my MBA in Marketing so I have a fair idea of how branding works. Currently, I am in a regular 9 to 5 job. I am putting my extensive efforts to make an online presence so that I can say goodbye to the job and focus on just the branding and web designing services.

If you hesitate to land me our dream website project, I will say just this. Your website matters more to me than it matters to you because being a freelancer, this is my utmost priority to offer the desired results to the client.

Customer satisfaction always pays back and it is the ultimate target. And that is how I intend to convert this freelancing gig into a full-time business.


What I Do Best


To become a brand, it has to be UNIQUE. It’s my job to give your brand a new recognition so that people can connect with it. Let’s not follow the style and ideas of competitors.

Web Designing

A website that describe your business best. It is the digital address in virtual world and that describes its necesacity. I design website that will grow your business.

integrated seo

The integrated SEO helps users to find your website on web browsers. This is as important as having a website. If your website is not ranking in search results, knock here.



The total marketing package for your website. with well crafted copywriting for maximum user engagement, pushing audience to make a purchase or submit emails ids , I offer copywriting services.


Even our body needs it. Technology changes very fast so we need to keep our website ready to adapt all future changes. I keep a regular check for my client’s websites for updates or any other required change so that your money making machine keeps on running.

Growth Hacking

To grow your business you would need traffic to your website. I will get into your business and define a stretegy that will get you more visits, leads, customer and even sales. This is one of my favourite.

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