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by Jan 17, 2021

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Since its launch in 2004, Facebook has turned social media upside down. It challenged and changed the way we use the internet. Sources claim that Facebook has 2.7 billion monthly active users. So, if you have a smartphone, chances are very high to have a Facebook account as well.

What is Facebook

Facebook is a social media platform where users create content and share it on their profile with their social network. The content can be anything like videos, photos, text, links, and even docs. People react to such posts with likes, comments, and sharing on their profiles and groups. We can now even sell items and find jobs on Facebook.

It is a complete package for people in digital marketing. Apart from the common population, every brand and celebrity across the world has its presence on Facebook just because of billions of users.

How to Make Money with Facebook

Now we talk about making money on Facebook. See for content creators, Facebook is not a social media platform. It is an advertising platform. You can reach the most specific audience here. So it has a very high and positive potential when it comes to making money online.

There are different ways to cash in more bucks and we are going to discuss them right here. But before that, please note that in the digital space, you cannot make money overnight. You have to be patient and consistent. This is the key to success.

1. Facebook Marketplace

With Facebook Marketplace, people get a chance to sell their used and fresh items within the Facebook community. You can list any product you want to sell and share it with your friend circle. If anyone is interested, he will contact you to seal the deal. This service is free of cost from Facebook.

People find different kinds of products and re-sell them at higher prices. Apart from that, you can also contact a mass manufacturer and list his products under your brand name. This works just like a dropshipping business. With each sale, the manufacturer will get the base price and you will get the uppercut or the markup price. That too with investing a little or no money at all.

2. Earn With Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, we have to promote products or services with a direct link to the sale page of the product or sign up page. When someone follows that link and makes a purchase, you will make a commission from that. So basically, affiliate marketing is commission-based marketing.

Promote those products on Facebook on your social network. You can also share them in the groups you follow. If you want to reach out to a larger audience, just go with Facebook ads.

You can choose whatever product you want to promote. Just signup for the affiliate program you want to associate with. It can be Amazon, Etsy, CJ affiliate, or any other. You can find affiliate programs from most of the brands.

3. Create and Sell Facebook Content

You can find millions of pages on Facebook from businesses and celebrities across the world. Such accounts are often in need of attractive content like Facebook Posters, creative images, infographics, video editors, and professional images.

If you have any such talent, you can reach different pages to advertise your services. Share such content on your profile and tag different pages so that they will know about your services. Do not hesitate to inbox first. As a seller, it is you who have to approach. Either you advertise or your direct approach. It has to be you.

You can also use Facebook ads and target such pages and page owners to reach the maximum audience.

4. Social Media Influencers

If you have a large fan following on Facebook, well then you are lucky as you just opened the gate for more and more money. Influencers (not considering Political or religious) who are followed just because of their content like comedy videos, short movies, short videos, are often contacted by the brands on that particular niche to promote their product in some form.

Here as an influencer, you will have to be careful what you share and promote on Facebook and your social image is linked with it. There should be not even a 1 % chance for you to get in any kind of trouble just because of any product. So be careful.

Want to be a Social Media Influencer? Here is the guide for your.

5. Facebook Ads

Nowadays Facebook ads are as valuable as Google’s. But Facebook has a slight edge over Google ads. It is because of the costing strategy. The average CPC for Facebook ads is $0.97. That is why more people consider Facebook ads.

You can start to offer Facebook ad services to small businesses, influencers, or anyone who wants more likes, followers, or just the traffic to their website. There is a great scope to make money. The more ads you run, the more mature your account will be. Then it will cost you a lower CPC than average. You can start to offer $299 or $500 for example. You will find a lot of people offering this service at a fixed price. So first learn and then earn, this will work for you too.

6. Social Media Management

As a social media manager, you handle social media account for one or more clients. On Facebook, you can offer this service. But before that, you have to prove yourself as a worthy seller. And for that, you have to learn how to become a social media manager.

Share your ideas with the clients you want to work with. Understand their requirement and share a social media calendar for a week’s scheduling. Let them see how you handle your social profile. In this case, you need to have a sound fan following for your page. Only then you will be able to convince clients.

7. Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are more like a community and are niche-specific. For example, there may be different groups for bloggers and content writers, Web developers, App developers, political groups, Sports specific groups, educational groups, or any other niche you can think of.

As a group admin, you will have the privilege to post promoted content. Here benefits can be commission basis or a direct payment for posting just one time. The promotional requirement varies from client to client. t But point to note here, more audience means higher chances to make money from such promotional activities.


Please do not follow any unhealthy practices to make money quickly. For example, avoid promoting low-quality products, promoting any political or religious groups. Such activities may fire back anytime. As an advertiser, you have to understand how this platform works. Learn what is required, like how to run Facebook ads, how to create catchy and engaging content, and how to attract the audience to follow your page. Only then you will be able to convince clients. First, you have to establish yourself as an advertiser.

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