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by Dec 24, 2020

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The job of a freelance writer requires patience and skills. Often people turn off due to low payment rates quoted by the clients. This is something you need to understand. There is no magic. It is only your consistency and determination to win that changes the course of your life.

Making money as a freelancer sounds easy. However, getting the clients that pay well will still be a challenge. That can be changed if you follow and take care of certain things.

1. Niche

You understand things well and can write about anything after little research. First, you have to say goodbye to this approach.

Stick to your niche and it will do wonders for you. When you put your efforts in one particular niche, you start taking control of it and that happens because of the knowledge you gain throughout the time. This knowledge will reflect in your writings then and you will get more valuable clients.

So just focus and explore your niche as much as you can.

2. Understand e-Writing

Blogging can be a job with high rewards. Great bloggers are always high in demand because their blogs can drive traffic.

If you compare the writings of a not so well established or new blogger with someone like Pat Flynn you will understand the difference. So basically you need to understand and own the skills required for online writing.

3. Understand SEO and Keywords

SEO and keywords go hand in hand when it comes to ranking your website. Every blog moves around the chosen keywords. So do some research and learn about search engine optimization and the value of keywords. This will improve the SERP ranking of your website.

There are so many tools available online. Keywords Everywhere is an extension for Google Chrome. It is an SEO Keyword tool. Try to invest some time with this to get the idea of how keywords play a very important role in your content.

4. Be Trustworthy

When you start writing for the clients, you have to make sure that quality and unique content is delivered on time. This will help you in the long run as this builds trustworthiness between you and your clients and they will start relying on you.

Even working for lower prices, put your core energy in each project you handle. This is how you can be referred to as a recommended writer and you will get more jobs from new clients. On-time delivery and well-researched content are the keys to get repetitive work from the same clients.

5. Say No to Fixed Charges

It takes time to establish yourself as a Pro freelancer writer. Normally people raise their price bar after a few first projects only. This strategy will affect your relationship with the clients. I agree that with more experience, you can charge more and you should. However, you should also consider projects that offer a little lower pay but are there for a longer period. Such projects would pay you more in the end because it is a continuous job.

There will always be a negotiation between clients and freelancers. Sticking to one price tag is very risky, a few of the clients may never approach you again. So the threat is there is to lose those clients forever.

 6. Earning vs Hours

How to manage your work? This is the most obvious question you will ask yourself when you will start handling multiple clients. I can suggest a few things here.

  • Focus on the money you want to earn every day. You know your rates for different products. So focus on how much money you want to earn before going to bed, $100 or $500 or more, and plan your work accordingly.
  • Make a to-do list for each day and finish it by the day’s end.
  • Commit fixed working hours to write and stick to it.

Following either of the methods will help you to maintain a professional approach for your day-to-day work.

7. Choose Your Clients

Handling multiple clients is a tough task. Each client has a different requirement with a different pay grade. Here you will need to manage your work to find out if some clients are just wasting your time concerning the payment. Track the time taken to complete each project and the amount it paid on an hourly basis.

There might be some clients where you have to put extra energy. There may be repetitive editing requests. So once you track the time vs money for each project, you will be able to list out some clients that are just killing your productivity. It is better to knock-off those clients and focus on where you get maximum returns.

8. Sharpen Writing Skills

Even with a decade of experience, you will not have all the knowledge related to writing. Digital platforms and related learning is changing every day. So it is better to follow Pro Bloggers and subscribe to their newsletters. This is a great way to add new skills. Different people use a different approach to write. You can either follow them or pick the best of their tips.

9. New Clients

New clients bring new opportunities. So do not hesitate to reach a new client. There are multiple platforms available for freelance writers to look for new work. Use these platforms. If you can get an email, do send your proposal. Explain your work and share your sample posts and please do follow up or send reminder emails every week.

Facebook groups, social media accounts, Upwork, Fiver, are a few of the places where you can look for now work and clients. 

10. Follow Google

Google keeps on changing its algorithm for advertisement and traffic. Your high traffic blog may suddenly go off the list after such changes. So keep an eye on it. Better to subscribe to the Google newsletter.

Once you have information for any such update, do let your clients know about it and suggest required changes. If you find it impossible to reach each client, at least do this for these regular and high paying ones. Just to mention, such changes from google are not very frequent by Google.

Let’s Make Some More Money

These ten steps can get you more clients. More clients mean more cash inflows. However, that also means more responsibility. Let your work speak for you so that your client can refer you to their network. You can always turn the one-off client into a long-lasting relationship for repetitive work. Nevertheless, for that, you have to sharpen your skills. Continuous learning and dedication is the key to success.

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