7 Step Strategy to Grow Affiliate Marketing and Earning

by Apr 4, 2021

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Affiliate marketing is a widely accepted strategy to make money online. People make a lot of money just by referring products and services to the public. All you have to do is to reach the maximum audience so that more people can open those affiliate-linked product sale pages where you get a share from your affiliate partner.

First thing first, when we Google about it, we will get those huge and shiny blog posts stating that you can make thousands of dollars just like that. However, it is not that easy. Everything takes time to get mature and that is when you start making money from it.

If you are new and have not read my blog post about “Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing”, have a look. This is will give you an idea about what affiliate marketing is and how it can help you to manage your finance pretty well.

Affiliate Earning vs Marketing Strategies

You can start anytime but you might not make your first few bucks so soon. Why? Because you will need a strategy here. Affiliate marketing is all about the numbers. More visitors you get higher will be the chances of sales.

Some people are making plenty of money. But, some of them could not earn even $10. It is just because of the strategies one opt for.

This is just like a regular business where you have to compete with your competitors, make better products, get online, and reach as much audience as you can, give offers, promotional ads, etc. Today I will share 7 step strategy to make more and more money with Affiliate Marketing.

1. Niche with High Commission Products

 People often mix affiliate marketing with their blogging niche. This can work if your niche offers high-value products. You will get more commission by advertising these products. So you have to make sure to pick a niche that has products with high price tags or if you want to go for a lower price range, then make sure the product has a small life cycle and a user would need to buy it frequently. 

There are two deciding factors here. One is the commission and the second is cookie duration.

Cookie Duration – Cookie duration is like turnaround time. For example, if the Amazon affiliate program has 90 days cookie duration, that means once the user clicked your affiliate link to visit the product page, and if that user purchases within 90 days; you will still get a commission. That is why cookie duration matters.

Longer cookie duration means there are more chances of sale conversion. You know how we purchase nowadays. We go through many reviews and then finally decide to buy. So go for products with longer cookie duration.  

2. Blogs and Landing Pages – Key to Success

Landing pages or blog posts are the first places where a user will visit your website. So it is very important to optimize these two parts of your website. The first impression should be great and it should force a user to spend some time and check out other pages or posts. This will increase the chances of sale conversion.

CTA is another deciding factor. You should highlight it with catchy font and colors. A good CTA would increase the chances of a sale by 60%.

If your partner offers discounts, do not forget to mention it on your page or blog post. The “Discount” always drives sales, more discounts mean more clicks, and more clicks result in more sales.

3. Keywords & SEO

If your blogs can be visible on the first page of google against a search term, then you have already won half the battle. Being able to found on google means that a lot of free or organic traffic will visit your website.  Traffic is everything. Every blogger just wants more and more traffic.

Here if you are a new blogger, you will need to understand this. The SEO (search engine optimization), makes your website Google friendly so that it can rank higher on SERP. You would need a format for that. Here I mean the use of different tags, (H1, H2), Meta descriptions, slugs, titles, etc, combined all, these attributes can give you desired results.

But, What about the Keywords? For that, if you can use any tools, will be better. Choosing the right keyword can improve your rankings on search engines. But being a newcomer, how would you compete with the existing players because they have better content and already there on the top of search results.

To tackle that, try a different approach. Find out keywords that are still in demand but not used much frequently by other bloggers. These keywords can help you to get more visitors. Keyword Everywhere is one such tool. If you want to go for paid tools, SEMrush is a great option.

4. Backlinks and Internal Links

 This one is equally important. Google gives much importance to the backlinks and internal links in a website. Backlinks from websites with higher domain authorities increase your chances to get reflected in Google search by 70%.

But the point is, how do you get high-quality backlinks? There are a few tips people use. These are tried and tested methods to generate high-quality backlinks.

  • Guest post
  • Ask your affiliate partner
  • Content marketing
  • Social media shares

Here what you don’t have to do is, do not buy backlinks. This practice might push your google rankings even lower.

Start networking in your niche and ask other bloggers for guest posts. Here it is like offering and getting backlinks. This helps both of the parties. But for that please ensure you have great content listed on your website in an order to impress following bloggers. Point is, try to generate healthy backlinks from well-established websites to increase your domain authority.

5. Increase your Social Presence

     I do not have to explain this, as you know how it works. If you do not have a social media presence across different social platforms, you will be at the losing end. We tend to check online reviews before purchasing any product or service. We can use this as a way to promote our work.

Reach out to the influencers in your niche and ask to review your products. This is super budget-friendly. Social reviews build trust among the buyers. A buyer will be more convinced when he or she knows that different people are already using your product/services and they are happy with it. So go for it and build a reputation online.

6. Email Lists vs Promotional Campaign

Different users visit a website for different purposes. One may be interested in a purchase where he/she is checking the product first. Other users may visit just for the information and may buy sometime later. You will need to design your email marketing on that basis only.

To differentiate customer lists, use different pop-ups and lead generation forms. Let the users tell why they are on your website. Once the list is there, we start our email campaign. This is something continuously reminding users and convincing about your services.

A promotional email list should not only be sales-centric, rather, but also make it more engaging. So that users can find something interesting each time they open an email from you.

7. Discounts and Promotions

Who doesn’t love discounts? As per a survey, if the discount goes up by 70%, then the sale conversion can be up by over 500%. This is the fact. As long as the discount graph goes up, sales figures would also increase in direct proportion. This also has a psychological effect. When we see and discounted offer like 50% or above, we tend to purchase more. Even though we do not need it.

Target those visitors who checked the product but did not make any purchase. See, everyone wants a better offer. So to convert those visitors into customers, send promotional emails with the discounts so that it can pump up their decision-making to make a purchase.


The methods I listed above are well tried and tested. Online or offline, for each business we have to follow a strategy to make more sales because the sale is something where businesses make money. Try to adopt these methods. Learn more about these topics and design your strategy. You will love the benefits afterward.

It would require practice. There will many blog posts where people mention making money from blogging or any other side gig online. However, it is never a piece of cake. This would require sheer dedication and a learning attitude.

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