13 Side Gigs to Make Money Online Without Leaving Your Job

by Oct 17, 2020

Most people start running short of cash by the mid of the month. These side gigs will help you make a few extra bucks for your needs. The more we earn, the more we enjoy it.

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We focus on offering values to the readers so that they can move forward to a financial stability. In this process we shake hands with different companies to bring the best to you guys. Following that, we may get a commission if you make any purchase using our referral links.

Ok, so you may be getting a hefty paycheck every month, what’s bad if you can earn more at the same time, and that too without leaving your high paying job. ALTERNATIVELY, if you are a student with zero income, earning anything from your part-time activities will be an advantage for you.

Nevertheless, in the third scenario, you may be a middle-class working executive, who gets his salary credited every 30th of the month, and by the 10th of every month, you are already waiting for the month-end so that the credit and debit cycle can run again. This is how life works for us all.

Today, there are so many ways to earn some extra and quick cash to meet all such requirements, like your next semester fee, for your new phone, or almost anything you want. You can choose either of the options as per your interest or area of expertise.

Few hundred dollars will not be a hard target with just 2 to 3 hours of your time every day. In a survey, 57% of the people who responded, agreed to have another source of income. You can call it a side hustle or passive income.

Best Ways to Earn a Passive Income

We will list options that have low investment and higher returns.

1. Blogging

Difficulty Level – Medium to High

Possible Earning Potential – $200 to $10K or more 

In blogging, you narrate your thoughts or views online, about something you like or follow passionately. It can be anything, for example, movies, video games, tech, AI, anything you can think about. Likeminded people will follow your thoughts if you can provide value to the readers.  

When it comes to making money with blogging, first you need to build a user-base and regular traffic with valued and quality content, then you can start monetizing your blogs. You can also earn money by selling eBooks or an online course, affiliate links, promotional blogging, or with Google AdSense.


  • A Domain and hosting
  • A blogging platform like WordPress
  • Computer with an internet connection
  • And, in-depth knowledge of the subject
  • Understanding of keywords

How to start

If you already have a passion for something, just go for it and describe it in your own words. Take care of grammar and language. You can use Grammarly for grammatical correction. Now point to note here, you would also need to understand professional blogging. You can take online courses or, there are plenty of videos and blogs, available that provide insight for professional blogging.

2. Facebook Ads

Difficulty level – Medium

Possible Earning Potential – $500 to $1500 or more

Due to its popularity, Facebook offers the most targeted audience to businesses. Anyone can use Facebook for advertising based on age, location, interests, or behavior. When you go to the Facebook Ads page you will see that you can narrow the specific audience by choosing the above-mentioned parameters. This is how you can reach the most accurate audience and maximize your sales or business.


  • A PC with an internet connection
  • Facebook account
  • Working knowledge of Facebook Ads Manager

How to Start

Well, I am sure you already have a Facebook account. Now click on Facebook Ads Manager. Introductory 5 minutes lessons would give you an insight into getting started with Facebook Ads. Alternatively, click here on the “Learn Facebook Advertising” course. Experts in this niche created this course and it will help you to settle-up with Facebook Ads.     

3. Freelance Writing

Difficulty Level – Medium to high

Possible Earning Potential – $500 to $2K or more

Freelance writing is slightly different than blogging. As a freelance writer, you may be asked to write for online media houses, publications, or companies that may ask you to write for their brands in form of a marketing or promotional blog post.

Payment can be the basis of per word or per article. Organizations opt for freelance writers to lower their costs. A freelance would write an article at a much lower price than a full-time employee. There can be other offers as well like, copywriting and other marketing activities.


  • A PC with an internet connection
  • Writing samples with a portfolio (better to have a website)
  • Strong writing skills
  • And, the ability to research, think, and draft

How to Start

First, you need to publish your portfolio and writing samples. This might take a while to get the rhythm if you are a fresher to freelance writing. Then reach out to the companies or publications you want to write for. For sure they will check your work.

That is why you need to have some writing samples ready. If they like your work, they may ask for a few free samples. And if your work clicks with them, they are going to hire you.

As far as payments are concerned, please expect lower rates in the initial days. Once you have a strong portfolio, you will be in a negotiating position.

4. Social Media Management

Difficulty level – Medium

Possible Earning Potential – $1500 to 10K or more

You can find all business organizations on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. As a social media manager, you will have to post engaging content for the audience following. Interaction with the audience is also another activity here. The more engaging content you create more traffic you will get.  


  • A PC with an internet connection
  • Social media accounts with working knowledge
  • A Social media calendar
  • Access to stock photography site (pixabay.com or Canva image creator)

How to Start

To start with social media management, choose a niche first where you think you can contribute your best. Do some research and prepare some content. Now list the name of the brands where you want to offer your services. Also, you can run Facebook Ads to promote your services to a larger audience.

Keep the social media calendar handy while discussing it with the clients. Initial research will help you to explorer the content posting requirement for a particular client.

For a better start and to gain in-depth knowledge of social media knowledge, you can also consider the following courses from Udemy. Either of the courses would be helpful.

  • Social Media Management Bootcamp
  • WIN at Starting a Social Media Management Business
  • How to Start Your Simple Social Media Management Side Hustle

5. Sell on Fiverr

Difficulty Level – Medium

Possible Earning Potential – $100 to $1000 or more

Fiver is one of the largest markets in digital space for people who are doing freelance. You can offer your services as per your expertise. Writing, editing, designing, animation or logo creation, website designing, or almost anything that can be transferred digitally, will be there on Fiver.  


  • A PC with an internet connection
  • Fiver account
  • Service or services you want to sell

How to Start

You need to sign up with Fiver first. You can choose Google or Facebook account or sign up with just an email id. Then you will need to create a “Gig” that would describe your work or service and its charges. When someone posts a service requirement, you will be notified so that you can discuss it with the client. You have to complete the project within the time limit to get paid.

From the payment, Fiver will have a 20% commission and the rest will be credited to your account. You can sell almost all the skills on Fiver. Once you start getting clients, you can offer some other services if you like. The more creative you are, the more money you can make.

6. Graphic Design

Difficulty Level – Low

Possible Potential Income – $300 to $1000 or more

There is an increase in demand for graphic designers as people are more engaged with their social media accounts. Being a graphic designer you can design, logos, infographics, broachers, packaging designs, social media posts, etc.


  • A PC with an internet connection
  • Good knowledge of designing software (Adobe PS or AI)
  • Skill to design
  • An online published portfolio
  • Sample designs (in form of posts, broachers, infographics, some logos)

How to Start

The very first thing required is your presence across social media accounts. This will help you to get customers. Design creative graphics of all kinds or you can choose a specific niche like logo designing or infographics and pitch your work accordingly.

Target potential customers or digital media publications, social media page owners, or business owners. You might need to send free sample graphics at the start. However, when your work is accepted, you will start earning. Getting your first customer is the hardest, then with continuous efforts and improvements, it will be an easy ride.

7. Writing eBooks

Skills and Difficulty Level – High

Possible Earning Potential – $500 to $1000 or more

an eBook is a digital book we can download as pdf (or any other supported format) and it is stored electronically. You can write about any topic where you feel you have a hold. Then you can sell your books and earn money from it.  You can also write eBooks for different businesses as well. Also, it is better to have a website to sell your eBooks.

What you Need

  • A PC with an internet connection
  • Social media accounts to promote your work
  • Seller account with a service provider like Amazon
  • Your website (preferred to have one)

How to Start

Niche. this is the word you will find everywhere when it comes to earning online. First, find a niche as per your interest. It can be anything, travel, sports, swimming, poetry, Gym, technology, or whatever topic you like, you can write about. Once decided, start writing and complete it. Then comes editing and it is a very critical part so it is advisable to have some references checked before giving the final touch to your eBook.

There are also some paid courses available online where you can learn a to z of eBook writing.

8. Website Designing

Skills and Difficulty Level – Medium

Possible Earning Potential – $500 to $2000 or more

You can invest two to three hours daily to earn over a thousand dollars every month. There are no hardcore skills required. All you need is to be creative. You can create a stunning website without any knowledge of coding. Tools like WordPress, Squarespace, or Wix offer template-based website creation where you have to use already built themes or templates.

After a few changes, the website is ready to go.

What you Need

  • A PC with an internet connection
  • A domain and web hosting plan ( to learn web designing first)

How to Start

First, go to YouTube and watch free tutorials about “how to create a WordPress website”. Once you have the idea, go for a domain name and web hosting plan. Try creating different websites for different professions like yoga, photography, gym, personal portfolio, blogging, etc. Once you gain confidence, try reaching Facebook business pages and start posting.

You can also search in your area if those small business owners are having their websites or not.

Another way to make money here is by managing the websites you create. You can offer your client a maintenance package with recurring charges.

9. Online Surveys

Skills and Difficulty Level – Low

Possible Earning Potential – $50 to $150

Most of the brands go for a market or consumer survey before launching any new product and sometimes for the existing product to boost sales or to understand consumer behavior. These are paid surveys. Well, you will not be earning that much from these surveys, still, it will add some value to your wallet.

What you Need

  • A PC with an internet connection
  • An account with survey service providing platforms like Survey Junkie.

How to Start

You need to start digging the internet for paid survey sites. Start registering with them so that you can get an alert when new surveys are added. The point to note here is that you might not get direct money from these surveys. These websites may offer reward points, which later can be redeemed at Paypal. Survey Junkie is the leader in the segment so better to register here(not available in India).

10. Dropshipping

Skills and Difficulty Level – Medium

Possible Earning Potential – $500 to $10000 or more

Ever dreamt of starting an online store but always run short on money? Well, here this is going to help you. In Dropshipping, you don’t have to but an inventory to sell online, you will be just a mediator. Once a customer purchases from your store, that order will be sent to your supplier who will dispatch the order to the customer. Here you have to pay just the wholesale price to the supplier. The markup price is your share.

What you Need

  • A PC with an internet connection
  • Product or products to sell
  • An online store
  • And suppliers for your products

How to Start

Start with finalizing the product you want to sell. Please focus on a product that can cut short the competition so that you can get your following. The next important point is to choose a supplier. Please ensure to choose a supplier who produces great quality products. Shopify is a widely used platform for dropshipping. You can also sell on other websites like Amazon or eBay. You can also start your website as well.

Start here with Dropshipping

11. Start a YouTube Channel

Skills and Difficulty Level – Medium

Possible Earning Potential – $0 to $5000 or more

One of the most popular ways to earn money nowadays is by starting a YouTube channel. You can earn with affiliate marketing, brand promotions, and monetizing your videos. For some this can be a slow process as gaining subscribers and views may take time. But having an interesting topic can really help.

What you Need

  • A PC with an internet connection
  • Video editing software
  • Basic video editing software knowledge
  • A video recording device
  • A YouTube account

How to Start

Once you have the idea about the content of the videos, start publishing. In starting, you may not produce quality videos because it takes time. Slowly you will start understanding the content requirement. Once you reach that level where you are getting views and a good subscriber base, start working on monetizing strategy. You need to keep this point in mind from the very first video. Be consistent with video publishing. If you have a publishing schedule, like every  Sunday at 8 PM, your viewers will be waiting for it.

YouTube 101

12. Proofreading

Skills and Difficulty Level – Medium to high

Possible Earning Potential – $500 to $ 1000 or more

Here you will be hired so that you can check the text for any grammatical mistakes, any spelling mistakes, or any other type of error. This can be for a professional article for a book. This requires concentration and is a time taking activity.               

What You Need

  • A PC with an internet connection
  • Guideline or work instructions from the client
  • A Good reading speed

How to Start

It will be better if you pick an industry as per your interest. For example medical, education, or the law and finance. The one big benefit of this will be your grip on the subject and you will be able to catch up quickly. So it is advisable to start with your core interest based on your knowledge and try to reach firms in that particular field only. Later once you are established as a known proofreader, you can always go for different niches.

13. Teaching Others

Skills and Difficulty Level – Medium to high

Possible Earning Potential – $ 500 to $10,000 or more

Some of them, who teach, really enjoy this profession. You too can join the league by bringing teaching online. You must be good at something, for example, cooking, making crafts, yoga, or gym. Any such interest of yours can bring in some extra cash for you. Start by teaching for free to know your expertise better.

What You Need

  • A PC with an internet connection
  • Core knowledge of the subject
  • A website and social media accounts

How to Start

Upload videos or blogs describing the subject first. Try to produce different and easy content. Simpler is better. Let the audience understand it. Once you gain followers, start pitching your courses. This will work for sure. Not to mention, followers would need quality work here.

How to Make Money Online

You can go for either of the options that suit you better. All these are online gigs so you can handle the work as per your availability. Let’s assume you are doing a 9 to 5 job, so upon returning from the office and before going to bed, you can spare a couple of hours. In return, a few extra bucks will be your prize.

And who knows, you might end up leaving your job and put all your time and energy in any of such gigs because earning potential is way too high here.

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