11 Legit Platforms to Share Affiliate Links

by Nov 20, 2020

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We focus on offering values to the readers so that they can move forward to a financial stability. In this process we shake hands with different companies to bring the best to you guys. Following that, we may get a commission if you make any purchase using our referral links.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, your earnings entirely depends on the amount of traffic you are getting to the product. Because the more traffic you generate means higher are the chances of conversion. You must have noticed that people share affiliate links on WhatsApp Status, YouTube videos, or in blogs and other social media accounts. The sole reason for this to generate more and more traffic.

We will tell you the most effective ways to promote your affiliate links so that you can more extra bucks.

1. Blog Posts 

One of the most tried and tested method is using affiliate links in blog posts. Blogging can bring organic traffic to your website and posts where you can share affiliate links. The good thing about blogging is that it is not difficult to start. You can easily set up a blogging website on your own.

Just take care of the niche and keep on creating rich quality content to grow your audience. You can write informative blogs like what is the product, benefits, how to use it, etc. People want to know more and more before making any purchase. Basically, you need to answer their queries. If you can do that with your content, you will notice your sales number are going higher and higher.

2. Email Lists

If you start blogging, you will have a chance to create an email database of the users who visit your website. You can use pop up forms to ask visitors to join your mailing lists. You can send regular updates like new product links, promotional emails with discount information, etc. to lure readers.

Building an email list and using it for promotional purposes, is considered one of the most effective method because if a user is opting for your newsletters, it means that person is somewhat interested in your content.

So every time you send an email to that person, for sure he or she will open it to check what’s new. This increases the chances for more sales through affiliate links.

3. Facebook Groups     

We certainly cannot ignore the importance and popularity of Facebook. You can also find many groups for each particular niche. Post your links there. You might notice the highest click-through rate entirely free. This will bring a lot of traffic to your website.

Try to post catchy images while posting on Facebook as images grab more attention than text. Facebook groups also work as advertising platforms. You might get some real followers for your content, website, or products. So do not miss on Facebook groups and keep posting your links there.

I would also advise creating a business page for your business and share your links there. See th point is, when you post in a different group, someone might check your profile. It authenticates your social presence. So having a business page is an added advantage. You will get followers and audience for your products.  

4. Advertising

No doubt that if you go for advertising, this will cost you a few bucks. However, if you are promoting high revenue affiliate links, then it is worth investing. One of the most added advantage to advertise your content is, you will get the most targeted traffic to your page or posts.

But for that, you need to learn first. Alternatively, you can seek expert help. Many people offer advertising services for Facebook and Google advertising. I will suggest you go with Facebook advertising first. The reason being, it is cheaper. You can even start with $ 10 plus, Facebook also advertises on Instagram so, chances to get more target customer or audience are very high.

Google, on the other hand, being the leader in this business, offers different benefits. One is the widest reach and the second is the free credit offered by Google to start advertising. Try it. You might find out that for your first 10 bucks Google might credit you around 50 bucks. It is worth trying.

There are other advertising platforms like Quora, Twitter, LinkedIn. You can use them if you want. Chose the right option depending the nature of the product.

5. YouTube Videos

Who does not use YouTube? This is one of the most used search engine available today. Just like Google, you can find anything here. Almost anything. You too can start your YouTube channel to promote your affiliate links. Again, I will mention it here. Just focus on the niche you are following. I mean the products you want to promote. Create videos around it only.

Your videos can including stuff like unboxing, reviews, pros, and cons, how to use, durability, pricing, and features. Review related videos are widely accepted. So do not miss that. You can put your affiliate links below the description. Please do not forget to mention this in your videos. Because if you do not mention it, most of the viewers will not bother to check the description of the video.

Promoting affiliate links with YouTube videos may surprise you. Because you never know which of your video is viral and end up getting millions of views in no time. Similarly, you might struggle to get the first thousand views in time. Share the link of your videos on each social media platform. This will help you gain more views.

6. WhatsApp Groups

Just like Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups are also in trend now. WhatsApp for business is also there and now payment option is also introduced as a feature you can use. So creating a WhatsApp group is a win-win situation for you.

You can ask people in Facebook groups to join your WhatsApp group. Likewise, also use other social media channels like Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram to ask people to join your group. Here you can avoid spam completely. This will be a serious audience only. That means more potential customers for you.

So rush today and create your WhatsApp group. Point to note here, you can send only text links on WhatsApp.

7. Affiliate Banners

Affiliates banner can also be effective as these can grab user attention easily. Please note while adding a banner link, you have to ensure that the color-coding is different from your post. A banner should stand different. It is like forcing users to check the banner.

Different sizes of banners can be easily available. You can get them from your affiliate partner dashboard for your account. Banners are like fixed content on your page. You can keep them changing from time to time.

8. Digital Products

 If you are selling any digital courses, you can always refer customers for the related services. For example, if you are selling a course or free tutorials for the users on coding, you can also refer to the website where your followers can create Apps and register without worrying about data or server management. So this is how it works.

 Here you see your digital products can help you make more money. People do not want to buy different services from different sellers. If you refer for any such related services, they will trust it, and you will make few more extra bucks.

9. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a network of professional people around the world. When it comes to generating traffic from there, it is very effective because this can be the most authentic traffic for your website. You can form a group or join particular groups with concern to your niche.

Please keep in mind one thing. Do not spam these groups with your affiliate links. LinkedIn works differently. So you have to make sure that your content is informative and it serves a purpose if you are putting it there. Otherwise, people will report your content.

10. Pinterest

I find Pinterest cool. Those pins you see on the platforms, created with so much creativity just grab the attention. Added to that, we cannot ignore the wide reach popularity this platform has gained. So better start using it.

What I know about Pinterest is very important to understand. If you are sharing pins, make sure you are sharing other website’s content as well. Pinterest’s algorithm works like this. If you share content for one specific website, it will start blocking the visibility so your post will reach a lesser audience.

To avoid this, you can follow the 70:30 formula. For every 10 posts, 7 for other publishers and 3 for your affiliate links. This will work for you.

11. Quora

How can we leave Quora out of the list? Quora has emerged as one of the very legit platforms to generate organic traffic. Quora works on a Question-Answer basis. Someone asks a question, you answer it. You can embed affiliate links inside the answers.

“Space” on Quora is like groups on Facebook. Create your space there and invite people to join. You can simply post in a space instead of asking question. It is advisable to join other spaces in your niche and apply to become a contributor so that you can share your posts in those groups to reach a larger audience.

Point to note about Quora, use high-quality content, and better to use images as well. This grabs the reader’s attention.


There are more options to add to the list. I will add them after checking the authenticity. Please avoid sharing such links in the comments section for any post. This will create a negative impact in the reader’s mind. Be legit and follow a professional manner to share your affiliate links.

The above-mentioned forums are well tried and tested. Therefore, if you do not have an account on these platforms then do create one and start sharing your affiliate links. The more audience you reach more money you will make. Just make sure you do not spam at any of the platforms. This can backfire anytime. So be creative and keep sharing.

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