10 Digital Products to Sell Online to Make Passive Income

by Oct 16, 2020

Digital products are not physical, I am sure you know that. Therefore, you do not need to invest in inventory management. Besides, a digital product does not require much of the investment. You can even start with zero investment and returns may be overwhelming.

The best part about a digital product is that it will be never out of stock. You produce it once and sell it repeatedly to multiple customers. So let me brief you about a few of the digital products you can sell online and do not need much of the skills to create.

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We focus on offering values to the readers so that they can move forward to a financial stability. In this process we shake hands with different companies to bring the best to you guys. Following that, we may get a commission if you make any purchase using our referral links.

1. Teaching Others

Schools around the globe are shut and physical classrooms have been overtaken by online classrooms. It is a good opportunity I would say. If you have a skill or knowledge about anything, start sharing it online. For example, you worked for a trading firm; you can share your experience with the amateur traders who are new to this field.

Start giving the basic ideas, if the audience likes your content and your knowledge, for sure they will be engaged with the content.

At this stage, you can always start charging for “special advanced knowledge” for the interested followers. But please note, there are always so many people who are already selling such products or services. You have to be creative here are need to design your content very well.

2. Write and Sell eBooks

eBooks are in trend nowadays. You can write one too. Just to clarify, an eBook is not just a digital copy of a physical book. Rather, eBooks serve a different purpose. Alternatively, I will say, I am going to mention eBooks differently.

You can draw your thoughts on paper. For example, if you are good at blogging, you can write an eBook about blogging tips for beginners and PRO or tips about professional blogging.

If you have ideas but not able to summarize the same into the form of a book, then there are also courses available at Udemy at very reasonable prices. You will get in-depth knowledge about writing.

You can write eBooks for other businesses as well. It can be in the form of a brochure, a promotional note or info-graphics, an article. First, choose a topic and a title for your eBook. Then start writing the first draft. The layout design is also an important part of an eBook, so try to be a little creative.

Or, for example, if you are a storyteller, then you can list your work with websites that sell eBooks. Having your website will be an added advantage here as you will not have to give any commission to someone else.

3. Selling Websites

We know that all the businesses are having their websites. The reason for this is, that people like to authenticate the value of the product. In a survey, over 70% of the people admitted that they trust less any brand without an official website. So you see the importance of having a website.

Here you can sell in two different ways. Either create websites for others or promote affiliated products on your website. Talking about the first option, there is a huge demand for web developers as on average over 400K websites are being created every day.

This does not require any special skills as platforms like WordPress offers template-based web designing where you use pre-designed templates.

All you have to do is to change data. Now you will say that everyone can create a website if it is that easy. Not everyone has that much time and patient to invest. Therefore, people prefer to seek an expert.

Secondly, selling your thoughts on the website. It can be in the form of blogging where you can monetize your content. If you choose a specific niche, then you can sell your special online courses to the people who are seeking advice in the same field. Alternatively, you can review certain products as per your interest and share affiliate links for them.

If you explore the idea of making money with a website there can be a hundred ways you can earn a lot of money. Both are actually very good options to consider.

4. Sell Mobile Apps

Well now, everything is there on the cell phone. Then why can’t you create an app and earn money from it? This will help to generate a passive income for you. Do a little brainstorm to find out what kind of app you would like to create or as a user what you need from an app. There will be always a competition here.

For the idea of your app, there will be thousands of apps already in the play-store. No matter how popular your competitor is there is always room for improvement. So focus on that. So many companies offer app creation. You can choose as per your budget as it might cost you a few hundred bucks.

You can also create an app for other customers or businesses. To create an app normally it is mandatory to know to code. But the good news is, just like a WordPress website, you can also design an app with the help of ready-made templates.

There is no coding knowledge required at all. Appinstitute is one such website where you can create a mobile app in no time. Its app builder will guide you through steps.

An app can help you earn a passive income in multiple ways. For example, you can share promotional offers, promote brands, use affiliate links, and monetize your content.

Please note that creating a premium app and its management is a costly business. So please make sure your idea is unique.

5. Sell Animations, Vectors, and Photography

Lifelike animations are in huge demand nowadays and so are the creators. You can build your website to list your work on it. Animations and vectors leave a different mark on the website and that is why most of the businesses, bloggers are using them.

Adobe illustrator is a very advanced and most popular tool to create animations and vectors. You can also use Canva, an online image designing tool as it provides a wide library of pre-designed presents that can be modified as per your choice. Photography is largely used on websites.

You can find images in every blog post, on almost all websites. A Photo simply completes a post. You can sell the photographs as well along with animations and vectors.

No doubt that there are millions of photographs available for free usage at platforms like pixabay but not every business wants to use these free photographs as it is very obvious that the same photo might be uploaded at some other website. So they prefer to use stock photography. If you can take good photos or if it is your hobby, then this is for your action.

6. Selling WordPress Themes

We already have discussed website designing on WordPress previously. Plugins like Elementor Pro (elementor is a page builder for WordPress and the Pro version is paid and rich in special features) offers to create themes from your designs.

You can list these themes online on ThemeForest (a marketplace to sell themes). Apart from WordPress, there are more platforms like Wix and Squarespace, where you can build themes and sell.

Just keep on updating your themes on regular basis for proper functioning. This can be turned into a very good source of passive income for you.

Point to note, do not embed any affiliate link in your theme. This is against the policy of WordPress.

7. Sell Workshops

Also called a webinar, is so much in trend currently. Normally it is a live session but you can record it and sell it repeatedly. This is considered to be a lead generating medium as well. Normally workshops help the audience to understand the product. You can also set up ads on your webinar to earn more from it.

It is advisable to use the webinars frequently so that your following customers would feel connected.

8. Sell Tutorials

Tutorials can be about anything you know very well. If you are good at graphics designing, you can post tutorials about designing graphics. The basic tutorial can be free whereas you can charge for the premium ones.

When you post a free tutorial, try to put some energy and content quality so that users can make up their mind to purchase the premium tutorials. You can sell such tutorials indefinitely unless you want to make any changes in the content.

9. Sell Presets

Presets are like filters. Widely used in photos and video editing, catchy presets are always in demand. Create stunning presets and list them on your website. Better to have a buying option on your website if you want to sell presets so that customers can directly purchase from you. Again, not to mention, Once created, this can be sold over and over again.

With a preset, a user can edit an image without any special efforts.

10. Sell Skills on Fiver

Image Credit – Fiver

Fiver is a platform specially launched for freelancers. You will find two types of users on fiver. One is the buyer and another is the seller. As a seller, you have to create catchy “gigs” so that buyers can reach you and check your demo work.

For example, if you are a video editor, you can create a gig for the same in such a way that the buyer would get the gig and your editing skills together.

Not to mention, but there is competition on Fiver. So I will suggest you go with competitive pricing, a little low at the start so that you can have some clients. Getting your first client is always difficult.

But once you have that client, you have to make sure to deliver so that the client can put a testimony for you. And Bingo, that testimony will help you to get more clients.

Fiver would take 20% of the total amount you charge. So once you are set as a seller, consider this while deciding your charges.


Digital products cost just once. You don’t have to worry about piling up the stock or inventory. If created well, you can have a steady passive income to ease up your life. Once created, you can sell it as long as you want, with slight changes from time to time, so that these products stay relevant. Any idea that can be converted into a digital product just hit it. Do not wait anymore.

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